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Meeting Filing Deadlines

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Meeting Filing Deadlines

Many retirement forms and other applications are required, by law, to be filed with the Office of the State Comptroller within specific time limits. Forms must be received by the Retirement System, one of our consultation sites or another office of the State Comptroller to be considered “filed with the Comptroller.”

You can also file your document with us the following ways:


If you are concerned about meeting a filing deadline, mail the document via “Certified Mail — Return Receipt Requested,” and we will consider it filed on the same date it was mailed. Otherwise, we will consider your document filed the day it is delivered to us by the Post Office.

Street Address:

New York State and Local Retirement System110 State StreetAlbany, NY 12244-0001


We will consider your document filed on the date the transmission is received, but you must also mail us the original document in a timely manner to properly complete the filing requirement.

General Fax Number:

(518) 402-4433

If you have any other questions about meeting filing deadlines, please contact us.

(Rev. 9/10)

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