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Understanding Your Responsibilities


A regulation which more clearly defines the process for reporting time worked by elected and appointed officials became effective August 12, 2009. This presentation describes your responsibilities as an elected or appointed official under the regulation and how they differ from the previous process.

The regulation outlines requirements for both employers and elected and appointed officials including:

  • An expanded record of work-related activities,
  • A more detailed standard work day resolution and
  • Specific time frames within which requirements must be completed.

These requirements help ensure elected and appointed officials receive accurate service credit and the retirement benefits they’ve earned.

The regulation applies to all elected and appointed officials who:

  • Are members of the Retirement System and
  • Do not participate in an employer’s time keeping system that shows hours worked. (This includes systems that keep track of accruals used and attest that, other than time charged to accruals, full hours were worked.)

The regulation applies to new terms of office or appointments beginning on or after August 12, 2009. View our schedule of due dates for the Record of Work Activities (ROA) if you need assistance determining when your ROA is due.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the regulation, or email our Member & Employer Services Bureau.

(Rev. 4/13)