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Understanding Your Responsibilities

Your Record of Work Activities (ROA)

If you are an elected or appointed official who is member of the Retirement System and your term of office or appointment starts on or after August 12, 2009 you must keep a record of all your work-related activities (ROA) Adobe pdf for three consecutive months unless you participate in your employer’s time keeping system that shows hours worked. This includes systems that keep track of accruals used and attest that, other than time charged to accruals, full hours were worked.

The ROA must show a daily detail of hours worked and duties performed that are directly related to your elected or appointed position. You can include duties performed outside normal business hours as long as they are work related. See examples of Work-Related & Non-Work-Related Activities.

You must complete your record within 150 days of the start of any new term or appointment. Once you’ve prepared your ROA, it’s also your responsibility to submit it to the clerk of your governing board no later than 180 days of taking office.

If your term of office started prior to August 12, 2009, you still must keep a record of work activities for a one-month period and submit it to your governing board. Although we encourage everyone to keep a three-month ROA, the regulation doesn’t require this until the start of the term after your next election/appointment.

If, after preparing your initial three-month record of work activities, you decide it is not representative of the average number of hours you generally work, you may submit a new record for an alternate three-month period. Preparing this new record of work activities will help your employer accurately determine your number of days worked for the Retirement System report and help you receive a timely and accurate benefit when you retire.

You should keep new record of work activities periodically — especially if your duties and hours change — to ensure the days worked being reported for you are accurate. However, if you feel a previously submitted three-month ROA is still representative of your time worked, you may certify in writing to the governing board that your responsibilities and hours have not changed substantially. A record of work activities cannot be valid for more than eight years.

The legislative clerk or secretary must retain records of work activities for at least ten years and provide full and complete copies to the Office of the State Comptroller upon request.