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State Correction Officers and Security Hospital Treatment Assistants Plan

For ERS Tier 1 and 2 Members (Section 89)

Tier 1 Death Benefits

Security Negotiating Unit and Security Supervisor’s Unit Death Benefit

With at least 90 days of service, the benefit payable is three times your last year’s salary, raised to the next highest multiple of $1,000.


Non-Security Unit Regular Ordinary Death Benefit

If you are not a member of either the Security Negotiating Unit or the Security Supervisor’s Unit, and you have completed one or more years of service since joining the Retirement System, the regular ordinary death benefit is 1/12th of your last year’s earnings multiplied by your years of service credit, up to 36.


Non-Security Unit Alternative Death Benefit

Your death benefit may be substantially increased if you die while in service and were eligible to retire at the time of your death. Under these circumstances, the benefit approximates the initial value of your pension under the provisions of Section 89. “Initial value” is an actuarial term for the value of the total retirement benefit at the time of retirement.