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World Trade Center Presumption Law

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If you participated in the World Trade Center rescue, recovery or clean up efforts, you may be able to take advantage of the World Trade Center Presumption law. It provides a presumption that, if you are or become permanently disabled due to certain conditions and unable to perform your job, the condition was incurred in connection with the World Trade Center aftermath. There are certain requirements that must be met and a World Trade Center Notice (RS6047-N) must have been filed with us by September 11, 2010.

This law also provides for payment of an accidental death benefit to the eligible beneficiaries of retirees whose death is due to one of the qualifying conditions. There are certain requirements that must be met and your beneficiary must file an Application for World Trade Center Accidental Death Benefit within the filing deadline.

Please review the World Trade Center Presumption Law Informational Brochure and our Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the World Trade Center Presumption Law. If your World Trade Center Notice was previously rejected and you think you may be eligible, please contact us for a review of your World Trade Center Notice.

If you have an approved World Trade Center Notice, we urge you to collect any pre-employment physical records or pre-9/11 medical records as soon as possible. If you file for the presumption, you will need to provide these records to prove you did not have a qualifying condition prior to the 9/11 attacks. It will become more difficult to obtain these records as time goes by.