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NYS Comptroller


VendRep System Information for State Agencies


The VendRep System allows business entities (vendors) to enter and maintain their Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire information in a secure, centralized database.

  • A State contracting entity user must have a standard web browser and email account to use the System.
  • The State contracting entity must submit a Notice of Intent to Participate to the State Comptroller's VendRep Team.
  • A Government Account Authorization Form is required to be completed and submitted to the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) to begin enrollment.
  • Welcome Package – An overview of the VendRep System and what is needed to get started.
  • Enrolled agencies have access to a search tool for New York State contract data:

System Specifics

No change of rules or roles of State contracting entities
The VendRep System does not change the rules or the roles of State contracting entities in vendor responsibility in any fundamental ways. The System will make meeting vendor responsibility requirements easier, but will not change them. Vendor responsibility determinations will continue to be made by State contracting entities on a case-by-case basis, and will be reviewed by OSC as part of its contract approval authority.
Required use of the VendRep System
The VendRep System is available to State contracting entities, but participation is not mandatory at this time. A State contracting entity may choose to utilize the VendRep System questionnaires for its procurements, or it may choose to use paper or non standardized questionnaires. Additionally, even where a State contracting entity opts to use the VendRep System, a vendor cannot be required to file their questionnaire online and must be allowed the option of paper filing.
Requirements to enroll in the VendRep System
The VendRep System, accessed through OSC Online Services, is web-based. Users require a personal computer with a standard web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and an email account to use the System. For State contracting entities, OSC will work directly with the entity to establish an account. Each State contracting entity must identify a Primary Authorizer who will be responsible for providing access to other users in their organization.
Searching New York State Contract data
As part of its initiative to make doing business with New York State easier, OSC launched a powerful search tool for New York State contract transactions. This tool is available to enrolled State contracting entities and business entities.
Participating State contracting entity users have contract transaction data readily available.
  • State contracting entity users have multiple ways to search for their information. Search results will include approved contract transactions submitted to OSC
  • State agencies can view their own “In Progress,” “Approved” and “Non-Approved” contracts submitted to OSC, as well as “Approved” contracts across all State contracting entities.
    • In Progress refers to contracts that have been forwarded from the contracting entity to OSC.
    • Approved contracts have been reviewed and approved by OSC.
    • Non-Approved contracts are those that have been returned to the contracting entity without the Comptroller’s approval.

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