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VendRep System Information for Vendors


The VendRep System allows business entities (vendors) to enter and maintain their Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire information in a secure, centralized database.

  • A vendor must have a standard web browser and an email account to use the System.
  • A vendor must begin the online enrollment process, which requires the vendor to provide its New York State Vendor Identification Number (Vendor ID) and legal business name. View the VendRep System Checklist for details.
  • A vendor will receive emails from the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) to establish the account.
  • Welcome Package – An overview of the VendRep System and what is needed to get started.
  • Most vendors have immediate online access to their New York State contract data once they have enrolled in the VendRep System. Sole proprietors using their Social Security Number will not have access to their contract data until the implementation of the Statewide Financial System (SFS) is completed.

System Specifics

Is completion of an online questionnaire a guarantee of a contract award?

No, the online questionnaire provides the contracting entity with information necessary to conduct a vendor responsibility review, which is part of the contract award process. Completing the questionnaire in the VendRep System or in paper form does not automatically qualify a vendor for an award or guarantee a contract award.

Partially completed questionnaires

A vendor can begin a questionnaire and return to the System at a later time to finish it, provided the vendor saves its entries. To save entries, simply click the "Save & Overview," "Next" or "Back" buttons at the end of any questionnaire section.

Additionally, multiple users in a vendor organization can participate in completing the questionnaire. One user can start a section of a questionnaire, then have another user pick it up at a later time, or two or more users can be working on the questionnaire at the same time, as long as they are working on separate sections of the questionnaire.

Who in a vendor organization can complete the online questionnaire?

The individual who initially enrolls the vendor in OSC Online Services, the "Primary Authorizer," has the authority to add other users within their organization and assign them roles appropriate to their duties within the organization. Vendor users can be assigned any or all of the following roles and associated rights in the VendRep System: (i) Administrator - maintains a vendor’s basic information; (ii) Contributor - enters and updates responses to the questionnaire; (iii) Certifier - certifies the vendor's questionnaire; and/or (iv) Guest - views the data only. It is the responsibility of the vendor organization to identify, assign and maintain system privileges for users in the organization.

Specifically, the responsibilities for each of these roles are:

  • Administrator - An Administrator creates and maintains the Basic Vendor Data in the VendRep System, consisting of, business type, activity and other identities. The Administrator can also view (but not edit) questionnaire responses and contract data. A vendor can have more than one Administrator.
  • Contributor - A Contributor is a user who can input responses to the vendor’s online questionnaire. The vendor may have more than one Contributor, and any Contributor can respond to any question or set of questions. The vendor determines one or more persons in its organization with the authority and information necessary to complete questionnaire responses. Through OSC Online Services (Enrollment), a vendor’s Authorizer designates persons to be given the role of "Contributor" in the VendRep System. A Contributor can enter or update responses in any and all sections of the online questionnaire.
  • Certifier - A Certifier is responsible for verifying the accuracy of the Vendor Responsibility Form after it is completed by the vendor Contributor(s), and for "signing" the online certification. A vendor may have more than one Certifier. The vendor determines one or more persons in its organization authorized to certify the questionnaire. A certifier is an individual legally authorized to act on behalf of the vendor. Through OSC Online Services (Enrollment), an Authorizer designates persons to be given the role of "certifier" in the VendRep System.
  • Guest - A Guest is a user who can only view the vendor’s information in the System, but cannot alter or certify any information. A vendor can have more than one Guest.
  • Combining Roles - A vendor user can have one or more roles in the VendRep System. Vendors may combine the roles in any way that suits their structure and size. Additionally, more than one user may be assigned to each role. In a small business, for example one person could be assigned all roles in the VendRep System including Administrator, Contributor, and Certifier.
Access to online questionnaires

Prior to certification, only authorized vendor users have access to view, edit and/or certify the vendor’s questionnaire responses. Once certified, the vendor's responses are viewable by State contracting entity and OSC users who have been authorized through the secure enrollment process. These users will not be able to add, delete or otherwise edit vendor-supplied information contained in the VendRep System. In addition, vendor users are not able to access other vendors’ information online.

As with the paper questionnaires, information from an online questionnaire may be released if it is public information, and may also be released in response to a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request. Vendors providing information that is generally considered public information should expect that this information may be available to others requesting such information, just as it has been prior to the implementation of the VendRep System.

Business entity with a unique Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN or EIN)

The VendRep System allows each business entity with a unique Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) to complete its own Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire. Each entity must have or obtain its own New York State Vendor ID. The information about associated entities must be completed by each vendor, including issues that may have been noted in a associated company’s questionnaire, and may already be available on the VendRep System. If this is the case, the issue can be referenced in the appropriate response by simply referring the user to the associated entity’s certified questionnaire.

Printing a completed questionnaire

The VendRep System includes a print function that allows a vendor to print its questionnaire at any time. In VendRep, when viewing a questionnaire, simply select the "View All" option, and then print normally. The entire questionnaire will print, as well as the certification (if such certification has been completed). However, if any documents are attached, they will need to be opened and printed separately. Vendors are encouraged to print certified questionnaires for paper filing in the event a backup filing method is required.

Saving a certified questionnaire to the hard drive

A certified questionnaire can be saved to the user’s hard drive by using the "Print To File" option in the print function. While this document could subsequently be printed and submitted to a contracting entity in paper format, a vendor will not be able to update the saved version of the questionnaire.

Correcting data errors on the System

A vendor can update its questionnaire responses at any time. In VendRep, vendors simply need to create a new questionnaire, modify the appropriate questions (the vendor’s previous answers will automatically appear in the new questionnaire), then certify the new form. The updated responses become available to State contracting entity users as soon as the vendor certifies its questionnaire.

Searching New York State Contract data

As part of its initiative to make doing business with New York State easier, OSC has launched a powerful new search tool for New York State contract transactions. This tool is an enhancement added to the VendRep System, available to enrolled State agencies and business entities.

Vendors can view the status of their contracts under review by OSC and obtain a listing of all active contracts that were approved by the OSC prior to April 2012.

  • A vendor can access its own contract data immediately, even before completing a Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire.
  • Contract data is secure. Each vendor can only view its own data.
  • Multiple ways to filter and sort - Vendors can search their own contract transactions which have been submitted by State agencies to OSC.
  • Data tracking - Vendors can track the progress of each of their New York State contracts submitted to OSC by checking on the status of a transaction - whether it is "In Progress," "Approved," or "Non-Approved."
    • In Progress refers to contracts that have been forwarded from the contracting entity to OSC.
    • Approved contracts have been reviewed and approved by OSC.
    • Non-Approved contracts are those that have been returned to the contracting entity without the Comptroller's approval.

User-friendly features on the Contract Data page add to the value of this new feature.¹

  • Data Sorting - Sort by simply clicking the header of a column, including contracting entity name, contract status, document type and others.
  • Pop-up Definitions - A simple click on a term displays the term's definition

¹Please be sure read the disclaimer at the bottom of the Contract Data page for more information.


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