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Accounts Payable Advisory
Office of Operations
Bureau of State Expenditures

Advisory Number: 1
Advisory Name: Complex Entity Citibank
Date Issued: 05/17/2012 Date Last Updated: 02/18/2016
Making Payments to Citibank

Filling the Invoice Number Field on the Voucher:
In order for Citibank to properly credit Business Unit’s credit card accounts, Business Units must use their 16 digit commercial account number followed by the two digit month and two digit year of the credit card invoice in the invoice number field.  Do not include spaces, letters or characters, such as dashes or asterisks, in the invoice field.

For instance, if a Business Unit needed to pay the May 2012 credit card statement for the account number 4275000000000000, the accounts payable employee should enter 42750000000000000512 in the invoice number field on the voucher.  (Business Units must use their own commercial account number and not the dummy account from this example.)

Business Units should use digits only in the invoice field.  Citibank will return payments that have invoice numbers that include spaces, letters or characters, such as dashes or asterisks.

Selecting the Correct Vendor ID:
When making payments to the Citibank procurement card, travel card, or NET card, it is important for Business Units to select the vendor ID associated with the appropriate card program.  This enables the correct clearing account to be charged.

Business Units should select the vendor ID from the list below based on the card program the payment is related.

Vendor name
Short Name
Vendor ID
Procurement CITI - P CARD CITIBANK NA CITI - P C-001 1000009372
Travel CITI - T CARD CITIBANK CITI - T C-001 1000031857
Net CITI - NET CARD CITI - NET-001 1000058617

For non-card payments to Citibank, Business Units should select vendor ID 1100012030.

As a reminder the Citibank bill should be paid in full.  Agencies may continue reconciling credit card statements after the bill is paid.  Paying the bill in full does not affect Business Unit’s ability to dispute charges. 

For additional guidance, access SFSSecure to find job aids related to paying a credit card.
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