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Contract Advisory
Office of Operations
Bureau of Contracts

Advisory Number: 12
Advisory Name: Electronic Contracting with Grants Gateway Transactions
Date Issued: 12/31/2014 Date Last Updated: 02/18/2016
The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) recently completed development of a new system, “e-Documents,” that enables the Comptroller’s Office to accept electronic grant contracts and related documents submitted to OSC for audit and approval from the New York State Grants Gateway system (Gateway). The e-Documents system will also be used to electronically sign contracts submitted via the Gateway when those contracts are approved by OSC’s Bureau of Contracts (BOC), and to provide electronic notification when contracts submitted via the Gateway are not approved.

New Audit Type values have been created in the Statewide Financial System (SFS) for use with Gateway contracts. In addition to determining whether the SFS transaction will be routed to OSC for approval, and if so, to which BOC audit team it will be assigned, Audit Type will now also indicate whether the transaction relates to a contract created in the Gateway. Agencies must select the appropriate Audit Type when creating an SFS contract transaction. The attached list of Grants Electronic Contracting Pointers provides additional information on this change and gives a high-level overview of OSC forms, processes, and policies most affected by the implementation of electronic contracting via the Gateway.

For direction as to the use of the Gateway System for contract development and submission, refer to the Grants Reform website.

Additional information about Procurement Value Definitions can be found on the SFSSecure site.

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