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Advisory Number: 16
Advisory Name: State Consultant Services Contractor's Annual Employment Reports Due May 15th
Date Issued: 04/14/2015 Date Last Updated: 04/15/2019
State agencies must require State contractors providing consultant services to report annually on employment information related to contracts. The annual employment reports must be submitted by the contractor to the contracting agency, the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), and the Department of Civil Service (DCS). The State Consultant Services Contractor's Annual Employment Report (AC 3272-S), commonly referred to as “Form B,” is used to report the information. 

The annual reports for the most recently concluded State fiscal year (April 1st - March 31st) are due no later than May 15th. It is imperative that Vendors use the correct Agency I.D. when submitting their Form B’s. It is recommended that agencies review and reconcile the Form B’s received to ensure that all consultant contractors have provided the requisite reporting, and used the correct Agency ID. If any reports are missing, agencies must reach out to their vendors to remind them of this reporting requirement and the deadline. Agencies should also advise their vendors to send only one copy of the completed report to them, OSC, and DCS.

See the NYS Guide to Financial Operations Chapter XI, Section 18.C - Consultant Disclosure Legislation for additional information, including where to submit reports for OSC and DCS.

Guide to Financial Operations

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