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Contract Advisory
Office of Operations
Bureau of Contracts

Advisory Number: 21
Advisory Name: Reminder to Update and Pre-Encumber Contracts Converted During EE1 in October 2015 & to Correct Off-Contract Payments  
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Date Last Updated:


Updating and Pre-Encumbering Contracts Converted During the EE1 Upgrade to SFS 9.2 and Correcting Off-Contract Payments

The Office of the State Comptroller, in conjunction with the Statewide Financial System (SFS), advises Agencies to complete the processes summarized below as soon as possible, and prior to upcoming Fiscal Year End.

Update and Pre-Encumber Converted Contracts
Contracts that were converted during the SFS EE1 upgrade must be updated in SFS and funds reserved (pre-encumbered) to be available for use via Purchase Order (PO). A list of contracts that have not been updated is available on the SFSSecure Website located under Support > Agency Support > EE1 Stabilization Resources titled Converted Contracts to be updated per Bureau of Contracts Contract Advisory 21. Any contracts which have not been made available for use should be acted on immediately. 

Detailed instructions for updating a converted contract are available on the SFSSecure website as well, in Job Aid JAA-CN210-001. The transaction to update a converted contract to make it available for use should only be routed to OSC for approval if the original contract was subject to OSC approval and the transaction is also changing one or more of the following contract header fields:

  • Begin Date or Expire Date
  • Maximum Amount
  • NYS Contract Description

The appropriate Audit Type should be selected.

Correct Off-Contract Purchase Orders and Payments and Associate Those Payments to the Updated Contract
SFS published an SFSSecure Announcement on February 12, 2016, titled EE1 Stabilization Note: Ensure Your Vouchers are Associated with a Contract, to provide guidance to Agencies in associating payments to the correct contract once the contract has been updated.

The announcement outlines the steps required to create an Adjustment Voucher to reverse the off-contract voucher and to create a regular voucher that is associated to the correct PO and underlying contract. Related SFS Job Aids are documented in the announcement, as well as referenced below.

Agencies should also associate any contract related Purchase Orders to contracts.

SFSSecure Job Aids:

  • JAA-CN210-001 Update Converted Contracts
  • JAA-AP205-002 Entering an Adjustment Voucher Credit Memo
  • JAA-AP205-003 Entering a Regular Voucher from a Purchase Order

SFSSecure Procurement Values definition document
Guide to Financial Operations Chapter XI, Section 2.C - Contract Funds Reservation

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