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Advisory Number: 26
Advisory Name: Statement on Sexual Harassment in Bids
Date Issued: 12/13/2018 Date Last Updated: 12/13/2018

Statement on Sexual Harassment in Bids


Statement on Sexual Harassment in Bids:
As of January 1, 2019, bidders on procurements subject to competitive bidding are required to submit a certification with every bid that states they have a policy addressing sexual harassment prevention and that they provide sexual harassment training (that meets the Department of Labor’s model policy and training standards) to all employees on an annual basis.
Every bid made to the state or any public department or agency of the state where competitive bidding is not required may contain the required certification at the discretion of the agency, department or official.

Bids that do not contain the certification may not be considered for award; provided however, that if the bidder cannot make the certification, the bidder may provide a statement with their bid detailing the reasons why the certification cannot be made.

State agencies should include the certification as part of the procurement record when submitting transactions to OSC for approval.


Guide to Financial Operations

  • XI.18.I Sexual Harassment Prevention Certification
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