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Advisory Number: 3
Advisory Name: Entering Contract Amendment Begin and Expire Dates in the Statewide Financial System and Providing the Renewal/Amendment Beginning Date (“RAB Date”) on Transmittal Forms
Date Issued: 06/06/2012 Date Last Updated: 02/18/2016
Entering New Begin and Expire Dates for SFS Amendment Transactions

To generate an amendment transaction (sequence 1 and higher) in the Statewide Financial System, the agency must complete one or more of the following fields: 1) Description, 2) Transaction Amount, 3) New Begin Date, and/or 4) New Expire Date. Not all of these are required fields when creating an amendment; one or a combination of fields can be used. However, only the information that is changing should be entered. Any fields that do not need to be modified should be left blank.   
Specifically, when the amendment is extending the contract period, do not complete the New Begin Date field as this will cause the Begin Date on the Contract Header in Purchasing to be overwritten. Since changes to the Begin Date of an agreement are a very rare occurrence, the New Begin Date field should almost always be left blank.

As an example: 
To create an amendment transaction for a six month time-only extension of an approved contract with a term of 1/1/12 through 12/31/12, only the New Expire Date (06/30/13) should be entered into the SFS. The New Begin Date field should be left blank because the start date of the contract period is not changing.  Although it cannot be entered into the SFS, the renewal date must be provided by the agency in the Renewal/Amendment Beginning Date (“RAB Date”) field on the Single Transaction Summary (STS) or the AC340-S submitted with the contract document. This field of the transmittal must be completed for BOC use. In the example above, the agency would enter 1/1/13 in the RAB Date field of the STS or AC340-S.

Additional information about Amending a Contract Header can be found on the SFSSecure site.
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