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Reducing a Cash Advance

Reducing a cash advance can be voluntary on the part of the agency or could be required by OSC. Any State agency that is expected to discontinue operations must return the full amount of the advance.


Reduce a Cash Advance


  1. Prepare a check in the amount of the reduction payable to the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance.

  2. Create an AP Adjustment Voucher in SFS as described in Section 3 – Refund of Appropriation/AP Adjustment Vouchers of this Chapter for the amount of the reduction to the advance. The Special Use Vendor ID, fund, program, and department assigned to the advance account must be used and can be viewed on the NY_AP_CASHADV_AUTHORIZED_LIMIT public query in SFS. The appropriate account code from the table below is also required. When used, these specific codes impact the accounts receivable balances in the Modified Accrual Ledger.



(Not used to reimburse an advance account.)


Payment Type Advance Account Code
Petty cash, including Salary Advances 59001
Travel 59002
Confidential 59003
Other 59004
Professional Services 59005


  1. Forward the check and SFS voucher information to Treasury as described in Section 3 – Refund of Appropriation/AP Adjustment Vouchers of this Chapter:

New York State Taxation & Finance

Division of the Treasury

110 State Street, 2nd Floor

Albany, New York 12207


Advances Charged to Lapsed Appropriations


Cash returned to liquidate or reduce an advance charged to a lapsed appropriation must also be submitted as an AP Adjustment Voucher as described above but must use the appropriate lapsed cash advance account code as listed in the table below. Like the codes in the table above, these specific codes impact the accounts receivable balances in the Modified Accrual Ledger.



Type of Advance Lapsed Account Code
Lapsed Petty Cash, including Salary Advances 32209
Lapsed Travel 32210
Lapsed Confidential 32211
Lapsed Other 32212
Lapsed Professional Services 32213



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