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The “Location” section of the Vendor Record contains sets of business values defined by the vendor. Agencies should note that Location is not synonymous with payment method. Although a vendor must designate one location as a “default” location, agencies should not assume the default to be the correct location for their individual transactions. Instead, agencies must review and pick an appropriate Location for each transaction, as the default may not be appropriate for a particular transaction. Bulkload agencies should not leave Location blank on submissions to SFS, as this is the same as relying on the default. Location information can be edited by the vendor or the OSC Vendor Management Unit.


A vendor has the ability to add and update Locations on the Vendor Record through the Online Vendor Portal. Each Location has its own set of specified information (e.g., ordering address, remit-to address, payment method, bank account for ACH, discount payment terms, etc.) designated by the vendor.


Vendor Records created prior to April 1, 2017 will retain their original location names. All new Locations created for existing vendors and all Locations for vendors created after April 1, 2017 will be named sequentially (e.g., LOC01, LOC02, LOC03, etc.)


Vendors have been instructed to use the description field of a Location to describe when the agency should use the particular Location. For example, a vendor could describe its locations as “Albany Office” and “Buffalo Office,” or “Software” and “Maintenance.” Also, vendors have the ability to associate a different bank account with each Location in a single Vendor Record.


If the agency is unsure what Location to choose, agency staff must communicate with the vendor to determine the appropriate Location to ensure transactions route appropriately (e.g., POs go to the correct address, payments route to the correct account, etc.).


To determine the payment method for a voucher, the agency must navigate to the Location tab on the Vendor Record and select the “Payables” hyperlink. Once in Payables, the payment method is displayed under the “Additional Payables Options,” “Additional Payment Information” section. If the Payment Method is “Automated Clearing House,” the payment will be made via ACH. In contrast, if the Payment Method is blank, the payment will be made via paper check. If an agency needs to send a vendor a check, the agency must select a Location with a blank payment method.


If a vendor informs an agency of a change to a Location or bank account, the agency should direct the vendor to the New York State Vendor Self Service Portal webpage at Once a vendor signs into the Vendor Self Service Portal, it is able to add or update Locations and bank accounts.


If a vendor does not have a Vendor Self Service account, the agency should direct the vendor to the OSC Vendor website at



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