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Procurement Card Use



This section provides agencies with policy and guidance on purchasing and paying with a Procurement Card (PCard) and requirements for online agencies when a purchase order (PO) is used in conjunction with a PCard. This policy is effective April 1, 2018.


All Agencies


Agencies are required to use PCards to purchase goods and services less than $500.00 when a vendor accepts the PCard for payment. However, agencies may not use the PCard to purchase from agency-specific contracts because expenditures are not captured on the year-to-date and life-to-date amounts on the contract.


All agencies are encouraged to use PCards for small dollar purchases to facilitate a cost effective method of procurement and to obtain rebates.


In addition, for all single purchases of $10,000 or more, agencies must use a PO in conjunction with the purchase, consistent with the requirements in Section 3 – Purchase Orders of this Chapter.


Process and Transaction Preparation:


When online agencies use a PO with the PCard in the SFS, the agency must check the box on the PO to indicate the use of the PCard, and then select the applicable masked PCard number from the drop down menu. Alternately, the agency may select these options on a requisition, which will be carried forward to the PO.


Online agencies are required to reconcile credit card charges in the SFS within 30 days of payment of the prepaid voucher. For more guidance, see Chapter XII, Section 6.Q.1, Paying and Reconciling Procurement Card Charges of this Guide.



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