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Revenue Contracts

Approval by the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) of revenue contracts, including barter agreements, requires that the contracting State agency demonstrate a reasonable process has been followed to secure fair and reasonable contract terms. Typically, that process should involve competition to the maximum extent possible. Consistent with a procurement involving the expenditure of funds, the contracting State agency should maintain a procurement record documenting the decisions made and the approaches taken in selecting the contractor. The process shall include, but is not limited to, a clear statement of need, a description of the required specifications governing performance and related factors, a reasonable process for ensuring a competitive field, a fair and equal opportunity for offerors to submit responsive offers, and a balanced and fair method of award.


Process and Document Preparation:

The agency submits to OSC one original contract, along with as many signature pages as it requires. (See Section 2.E - Agency Submission of Contract of this Chapter, for additional information.) State Attorney General approval of the agreement is required.


Revenue New York State Contract IDs must begin with an “X” prefix. In addition, SUNY permits begin with an “X” prefix. Leases of state-owned property begin with an “L” prefix and end with an “R” suffix (e.g. L00200R). (See Section 2.B.1 - Contract Prefixes of this Chapter, for additional information.)


Once the contracting agency has determined whether a revenue contract transaction is subject to prior approval by OSC (see Section 2.A - Thresholds of this Chapter, for additional information), the agency selects the appropriate Audit Type. The Statewide Financial System (SFS) uses the Audit Type to determine whether the transaction will be routed to OSC for prior approval, and if so, to which audit team in OSC’s Bureau of Contracts (BOC) it will be directed.

Process and Document Preparation Specific to the SFS:


Revenue agreements are created in the Customer Contracts Module and require a New York State Customer ID. (See Section 7 – Revenue and Repayment Agreements of this Chapter, for additional information.)


Revenue contract transactions cannot be bulkloaded into the Customer Contracts Module. All agencies, both Online and Bulkload, must create contract transactions directly in the Customer Contracts Module of the SFS using the appropriate Audit Type. Access SFSSecure to find job aids containing more information on this topic. For transactions subject to OSC approval, users generate a Single Transaction Summary (STS) and submit it with the agreement (contract) and required documents to OSC.



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