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Electronic Invoicing Process


This section provides online agencies with guidance regarding the electronic invoicing process from the time the vendor submits the electronic invoice to the eSettlements module to the time the invoice is built into a voucher.

Process and Transaction Preparation:

Vendors enrolled in eInvoicing through the New York State Vendor Self Service Portal can submit electronic invoices to State agencies through the eSettlements module. eSettlements will only accept electronic invoices that reference a Purchase Order (PO). As such, agencies must issue PO to obtain goods or services from vendors that submit electronic invoices, as detailed in Chapter XI-A, Section 3 – Purchase Orders of this Guide. Agencies may not refuse to issue POs to vendors that wish to submit electronic invoices into the SFS.

Participating vendors begin the electronic invoicing process by creating an electronic invoice in the eSettlements module or by submitting an electronic invoice to the eSettlements module directly from their billing systems or through the MarketPlace. Upon submittal, the invoice will process through the initial validations in eSettlements. Among other things, the validations ensure the invoice contains all fields required to successfully build a voucher. If the invoice fails validations, eSettlements will reject the invoice and send an email to the vendor detailing the reason for the failure. The vendor is responsible for resolving the issues and submitting a new, proper invoice. The rejection and email notification are automated processes and, as such, agencies do not need to take action on invoices that fail initial validations.


If the invoice passes the initial validations, it will be selected for processing by the Voucher Build process. If the invoice passes the pre-edit and edit processes within the Voucher Build process, the SFS will create a voucher from the invoice in the Accounts Payable module.


Agencies should refer to Section 4.E.4 – Addressing Invoices that Fail Voucher Build of this Chapter for guidance regarding vouchers created from electronic invoices that fail in the Voucher Build process. Agencies should refer to Section 4.E.5 – Identifying and Processing Vouchers of this Chapter for more information regarding processing vouchers created from electronic Invoices.


The following diagram outlines the stages involved in the electronic invoicing process.




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