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Identifying and Processing Vouchers Created From Electronic Invoices



This section provides guidance to agencies regarding identifying and processing vouchers created from electronic invoices.

Process and Transaction Preparation:

Electronic invoices that are successfully built into vouchers enter the Accounts Payable module in Postable status. Each field on the voucher will be populated automatically as follows:



Agencies can identify these vouchers by viewing the Vouchers Ready for Approval Workflow report (Report ID NYAP3213) and identifying vouchers with a Voucher Origin field equal to “MPY”. Users can view the report in the Statewide Financial System at Main Menu ® Reporting Tools ® SFS OBIEE Reports ® Accounts Payable ® Voucher. The AP Processor should follow the policies and procedures of the Business Unit or Business Services Center, whichever is applicable, prior to submitting the voucher into workflow. When an AP Processor submits a voucher into workflow, the Voucher Origin field will update as follows:



The Voucher Source for vouchers created from electronic invoices will be either “XML” or “Self Service Invoice.” Agencies should refer to Section 8.A - Workflow in the Accounts Payable Module of this Chapter for more information about workflow in the Accounts Payable module.



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