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Operational Advisory
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Bureau of State Accounting Operations

Advisory Number: 10
Advisory Name: FBIC Automation
Date Issued:


Date Last Updated:


Updates to the GFO Pertaining to the new Fringe Benefit & Indirect Cost (FBIC) Automation Process

Effective July 1, 2018 FBIC charges will be systematically generated and posted in the Statewide Financial System (SFS) through a new automated process. The new process generates journal entries to the General Ledger in the SFS on a more real-time basis that is better aligned with the timing of payroll charges.

The following section has been added to the GFO to provide general guidance on the FBIC automated process and agency responsibilities regarding standard rates, waivers, redirects, reviewing journals, running queries and security roles:

To help support this new functionality, the following section has been added to the GFO to provide guidance on the new business processes implemented for pre-award spending for ongoing federal grants and the 3286-s form has been updated to include a tab for pre-award requests:

FBIC page on SFS Secure

SFS has released training in the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS) to support agencies during the implementation of the FBIC Automation project. The training course, FBIC Processing 205, provides guidance on how to view Standard Rates and Waivers and how to create and manage Redirects. This course has also been updated with information on how to understand and manage the results of the FBIC process including new queries to assist agencies with FBIC journal error resolution in SFS. The FBIC Automation page on SFS Secure contains all project information and will continue to be updated with frequently asked questions, testing materials, and training resources.

FBIC charges prior to July 1, 2018

First quarter bills for 2018-19 have been invoiced using the AP Voucher process.  See Chapter VII.9 – Fringe Benefits and Indirect Costs and Advisory #1 – Fringe Benefit and Indirect Cost (FBIC) Assessments: 1st quarter billing for April – June 2018.  These bills are expected to be paid promptly upon receipt.  Doing so may avoid potential errors in the automated process.

Agencies are also strongly encouraged to pay all other outstanding bills as soon as possible.  All prior bills are expected to be paid prior to March 2019.  Agencies should reach out to their DOB budget examiner immediately with any concerns.  

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