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Operational Advisory
Office of Operations
Bureau of Analysis, Support, and Knowledge Transfer (ASK)

Advisory Number: 25
Advisory Name:

Data Quality Advisory

Date Issued: 02/19/2016 Date Last Updated: 02/24/2020
Data Quality Advisory
In compliance with the Data Quality guidelines in the Guide to Financial Operations Chapter III, Section 7 - Data Quality, the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) has instructed SFS to execute the transaction clean-up activities necessary to ensure SFS data complies with these standards during March 2020.

SFS will schedule and communicate the dates for these activities. Agencies are encouraged to review transactions not yet complete and clean up transactions to meet these dates.

Agencies are encouraged to clean up Purchase Order and expense report transactions based on the criteria outlined in Section 7 prior to the SFS scheduled activity.

Please contact the Bureau of Analysis, Support, and Knowledge Transfer (ASK). with any general questions you have regarding the content of this advisory. ASK can be reached at (518) 402-4991 or via email at Financial Operations Support (

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