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GFO Updates - Reissuing or Cancelling a Refund Check

Date Issued: 07/11/2018 Date Last Updated: 07/11/2018
GFO Updates - Reissuing or Cancelling a Refund Check

The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) has updated the policies and procedures regarding refund checks that are returned and/or need to be reissued from the Comptroller’s Refund Account. The reason for these changes is to increase efficiencies and reduce the time required for agencies and OSC to complete Comptroller’s refund requests. Effective immediatelythe following changes will go into effect:

  • The ‘Process and Document Preparation’ flowchart that determines whether a check should be reissued and how the check should be reissued is updated to reflect new streamlined business processes. See GFO Chapter XII.9.G - Reissuing or Cancelling a Refund Check.

  • A new mailbox has been created to replace Agencies should begin sending requests to immediately.

  • A new form AC3337 – “Request for Stop Payment, Check Reissue, Check Copy or Forgery Claim for the Comptroller’s Refund Account (P and W Checks)” has been created that agencies MUST use when submitting their refund requests to The form can be obtained from the OSC website (see reference below).

  • To support direct communication between the agency and payee:

    • When a copy of a check is requested by the agency on behalf of a payee, OSC will provide the check copy to the requesting agency who will then forward it to the payee. OSC will no longer mail cashed check copies directly to payees.

    • The agency will be responsible for all communication with the payee and obtaining all necessary documentation regarding forgery claims before submitting a request on form AC3337 with the documentation to OSC will then submit a forgery claim to the bank and notify the agency instead of the payee when the bank has decisioned the claim. Agencies can obtain a copy of form AC1551 – “Affidavit to Support Claim of Forged Endorsement” from the OSC website (see reference below).  OSC will no longer communicate directly with payees regarding forgery claims.

    • Once an agency form AC3337 request sent to the mailbox for a reissue or voucher close is completed in SFS, agencies will be responsible for monitoring the NY_AP_OSC_NYTR1650_QRY – “Cancelled P & W Refund Payment” queryno less than weekly to verify that their requests are completed. OSC will no longer be emailing or mailing notifications to agencies when a reissue or voucher close is completed in SFS. Contact your Agency Security Administrator (ASA) to obtain access to the NYTR1650 if needed.

  • Additional guidance for agencies has been added on how to determine if a check has been cashed, stopped, staled or escheated.

  • REMINDER - Reasons for Closing a Voucher vs. Reissuing a New Check From the Same Voucher

    • Agencies should request a voucher be closed for the following reasons and submit a new updated voucher in SFS if necessary:

      • Payee is deceased

      • Payee not entitled to the payment

      • Payee name, amount or address is incorrect

      • Payee requests refund be applied to their account

    • Agencies should request a check be reissued from the same voucher for the following reasons:

      • Check was damaged, lost or stolen

      • Never received but address is correct

Guide to Financial Operations (GFO):
Chapter XII.9.G - Reissuing or Cancelling a Refund Check

Chapter XIV.1 – Outstanding Check Outreach and Escheatment

Office of the New York State Comptroller Website:

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