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Operational Advisory
Office of Operations
Bureau of State Accounting Operations

Advisory Number: 3
Advisory Name: Budget Check Reminder
Date Issued: 06/20/2013 Date Last Updated: 06/20/2013
Budget Check Reminder

Agency transaction processors, reviewers and approvers are reminded that if any chart of account string value is changed in the review process, the transaction must be re-budget checked and be in a valid budget status prior to submittal to OSC. Changing chart of account values on vouchers will require waiting until the next scheduled execution of budget checking to ensure the changed values are valid. You are reminded to review the budget check status field after the budget check to ensure that the transaction is still in a valid budget status (value of “V”).  If the budget status is any other value, the transaction may not be submitted to OSC for processing.

Failure to review the budget check status and obtain a valid budget status may result in the transaction processing without the intended change being applied to the commitment control ledgers and will not charge your appropriation as intended.

Agency Finance Officers are requested to ensure that all individuals who have any Statewide Financial System role allowing him/her to enter or change any chart of account value are aware of this reminder.
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