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Operational Advisory
Office of Operations
Bureau of State Accounting Operations

Advisory Number: 32
Advisory Name: Refund of Appropriation / AP Adjustment Voucher Guidelines
Date Issued: 09/30/2019 Date Last Updated: 09/30/2019
Chapter VII.3 Refund of Appropriation/AP Adjustment Vouchers

The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) has updated Chapter VII.3 regarding Refund of Appropriation transactions submitted on AP Adjustment Vouchers.  The updated guidelines contain the specific situations when a Refund of Appropriation/AP Adjustment Voucher should be submitted in SFS for OSC approval.  All other revenue sources must be submitted through the AR Module.  Guidance has also been updated regarding the proper use of Vendor ID and required supporting documentation including related voucher identification and attachments for all ROA transactions submitted online or through a bulkload file.
AP Adjustment Vouchers submitted for purposes not permitted in these guidelines will be denied or rejected in SFS by OSC after April 1, 2020.  Current transactions that do not fit these guidelines and cannot be followed for the remainder of this fiscal year should be discussed immediately with your OSC BSAO Budgets and Spending Accountant and DOB Budget Examiner for FY2020-21 budget impacts. 

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