New York State Office of the State Comptroller

List of Agency Reveal Reports and Reveal Retention Schedules


Report Name

Number of Retention Generations
NHRP705 Worker’s Compensation Transactions 12
NHRP712 Payroll Expenditure Change Report 15
NHRP721 Employee Expenditure Charge Register Report 12
NHRP725 Hry, Fee, Adj Not Paid 3
NHRP726 Payroll Expenditure Charge Register for Separate Checks 12
NHRP727 Employee Expenditure Charge Register Report for Separate Checks 12
NPAY715 Check Reversal Report Unlimited
NPAY720 Payroll Advice Register 15
NPAY721 Payroll Check Register 15
NPAY722 Deductions Not Reported 12
NPAY727 Dept DEDCD Balance Summaries 12
NPAY731 W-2 Audit Report 7
NPAY745 Incomplete Employee Address Report 4
NPAY747 M/C Cash Merit Award Report 3
PAY002 Payroll Register 15
TAX113 Reset W-5 EIC Employees 3
Error Report-Rejected Time Entry Transactions 4
Date Issued: 04/07/2000