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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: July 22, 1999

 Bulletin No. 106

Subject New Reveal Report
Purpose New report to identify employees not paid in three Pay Periods 
Affected Employees Active employees with the Pay Basis Code HRY, FEE and AJT who have not been paid in 3 pay periods
Effective Date 1st of every month starting in August 1999.
Report Information Report Number: NHRP725

Report Name: HRY, FEE and AJT who have not been paid in Three Pay Periods

Report Information: Emplid, Empl Rcd#, Employee Name and the last Pay Begin and Pay End date the employee was paid. If there are no employees that meet the criteria, a page will show with the message "NO RECORDS FOUND."

Frequency: Monthly

Agency Procedures Agency payroll staff should review the employees that appear on the Reveal Report and determine if the employee is still active. If the employee is no longer active, submit a Termination with the appropriate Effective Date and Reason Code on Job Data 1.
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