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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: August 27, 1999

 Bulletin No. 116

Subject Records Maintenance
Purpose To explain plans for ongoing records maintenance 
Affected Employees All employees
OSC Actions and Impact Beginning in August, 1999, OSC will routinely delete extraneous monthly tax, deduction and earnings balances from the production database. This data is computed at the beginning of every month in the delivered PeopleSoft application, but it is not used for New York State payroll processing or reporting.

OSC will retain the following deduction balances:
Quarterly Gross Wages (81Q)
TIAA Special Accumulators (14R,15R,16R)
Deferred Compensation Special Accumulators (457)

OSC will also retain the following tax, deduction and earnings balances:
year-end balances for all employees
the current month’s balance and two prior month’s balances for each active employee (90 days)
the last three months of balances for employees on leave and for terminated employees (90 days)

Managing the data in this way will improve system performance by reducing the number of records maintained. 

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