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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: December 1, 1999

 Bulletin No. 136

Subject Minimum Workstation Requirements for Year 2000
Purpose To update the minimum PaySR workstation requirements for Year 2000 compliancy.
Background The following minimum hardware requirements are necessary to permit access to all PaySR applications including data entry, query and training.
Employees Affected All PaySR System End Users
Minimum Workstation Requirements The personal computer (PC) or workstation accessing PaySR and NYSTEP will need to run either Windows 95 or Windows NT. The amount of memory required in the PC is based upon the Windows version used (see lists below).
Minimum Hardware Requirements for All PCs


Y2K Compliant 486 or Pentium-based microprocessor; Pentium recommended. (Y2K compliancy should be confirmed with your technical support staff or your PCs manufacturer.)

25 MB of free disk space minimum; 50 MB recommended

VGA or SVGA video adapter (256 color)

Network interface card (NIC) or Serial port for use with modem connection

Microsoft serial mouse or 100% compatible

PCs running:

Require at Least

Windows 95  16MB of memory (RAM) (32 MB recommended)
Windows NT 32MB of memory (RAM) (64 MB recommended)

Y2K compliancy of the operating system should be confirmed with your technical staff. Agencies should be aware that multiple Citrix sessions (having PaySR and any other Citrix application open at the same time) cannot be established simultaneously with dial-up access.

Note that the minimum requirements listed above include only the resources required for access to PaySR and NYSTEP. Other applications or functions, including word processing, printing, etc., on each workstation should also be taken into consideration in determining the actual workstation requirements.

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the OSC Help Desk at (518)486-6745.