New York State Office of the State Comptroller


PS Query - PaySR Public Queries

The following public queries are available for agency use. When the query includes a prompt for the DeptID, it is faster to type the DeptID in the prompt box than to click the drop down arrow.

Query Name

00-Dept_Paycycle Produces list of active agency codes, agency name, pay cycle (administrative or institutional), and type of pay period (current, lag or extra lag)
00-InitiatedPrompt Produces a list of all transactions with an approval status of "initiated." An "initiated" job request has been saved by the agency but not submitted to OSC for audit review. In other words, the "Request" button was not clicked. Initiated transactions may be pending further agency review before they are submitted to OSC. It is likely that no records will be selected when this query is run.
00-JobStatusDatePrompt Same as 00-Initiated Prompt with the addition of a prompt on the Job_Request_Status_Date field. Returns records entered after the date you enter.
00-JobStatusPrompt Produces a list of all transactions equal to the selected status. There is a prompt for Job_Request_Status (drop down list). There is no date cut-off in this query.
00-JobTransAudit Produces a list of transactions entered into the Job table between two dates. There are two prompts on action dates for the data entry or OSC action date range. To select all records for a pay period, the date range should be expanded to include the OSC audit period (generally one week following the agency cut-off date for on-line entry.
00-NoRetireRecord Produces a list of active employees who do not have a related retirement system record. The listing is sorted by the Employee’s Appointment status (Job.NY_EE_REG_TEMP) to help agencies identify employees who are required to join a retirement system. This query may take 10 -15 minutes to run.
00-Position Info Produces a list of position attributes, sorted by line number, to help agencies reconcile PaySR records with other computerized or manual systems, including agency records, NYSTEP, and PS Schedules.
00-Position Input Produces a list of position attributes from the PaySR Position Data table, sorted by position number, for use by agency system staff. This query can be used to produce a spreadsheet or electronic file to match or reconcile PaySR records with other computerized systems.
00-RetirementAlpha Produces an alphabetical list of active employees, with the information currently recorded on PaySR for retirement system and tier. Tier 3 and Tier 4 data may require reconciliation with retirement system records following conversion from the Legacy system.
00-RetirementTierPrompt Produces an alphabetical list of active employees in the selected retirement tier. The prompt is for tier from a drop down list.
00-TimeEntryAudit Produces a list of time entry transactions entered or processed between two dates. The prompt is for the start and end date of data entry or audit, not the dates of the earnings. Time entry transactions include overtime, holiday pay, hourly payments, lost time, meal allowances and other miscellaneous payments. "BATCHRUN" will be listed for records inserted by batch files, and the OSC systems program name, e.g., npay###, will be shown for rows automatically inserted by OSC.
00-Increment Produces a list of active employees and employees on leave with their current increment code. The list is sorted by bargaining unit and then by employee’s last name.
00-UpdateIncumbent Produces a list of Job table records which were automatically updated when a row that met certain conditions was added to the Position Data table. The query includes a prompt for the DeptID and two prompts for Action Dates. The date prompts define a range of when the row(s) were added to the Job table, not when the row(s) became effective.
Last Updated: 04/21/2000