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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: July 13, 2000  

 Bulletin No. 175

Subject Identifying queries to be converted to the 7.02 version of the PeopleSoft payroll application
Purpose To inform agency staff of the plan to convert queries which are used or need to be retained for future use.
Affected Employees All PaySR users who create or run queries in PS Query.
Agency staff who use reports or spreadsheets generated by PS Query users.
Effective Date Immediately
Background OSCís upgrade to the 7.02 version of PeopleSoft in October, 2000 will include a conversion of public and private queries designed in PS Query. Only those queries identified by OSC and agency payroll staff as necessary or currently being used will be converted. All other queries will be purged from the query database.
OSC Action  1. Listings of private queries saved prior to 06/22/00 will be mailed to the agencies for review and appropriate action.
2. Generic public queries will be renamed by OSC staff
Agency Action 1. Identify and rename the private queries and public queries in use by staff members in your agency, using the following naming convention: %AgencyCode_query name

If the query is currently being used or if it is anticipated that it will be needed the future, refer to Attachment A - Renaming Queries.

If the query is not being used and it is not anticipated that it will be needed in the future, no action is necessary. These queries will be purged from the PS Query database.

2. Identify business critical PS Queries used for daily or weekly production processing or reporting.
3. Assign staff to test and possibly correct all queries used by the agency immediately following the upgrade in October, 2000.

Timeframe for Completion

Use the naming convention outlined in Attachment A for all new queries, effective immediately. Complete the review and renaming process for previously saved queries by August 4, 2000.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Query Help mailbox.