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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: July 19, 2000  

 Bulletin No. 176-A

Subject Additions and Corrections to Payroll Bulletin No. 176
Purpose To inform agencies of additions and corrections to Payroll Bulletin No. 176, entitled "October 1, 1999 and April 1, 2000 Salary and Other Increases for Employees Represented by CSEA and DC-37 and Employees designated Management/Confidential (M/C)."
Please Note: All of the following additions and corrections are applicable to the original version of Payroll Bulletin No. 176 that was sent to agencies on Friday, July 14, 2000. On Monday (7/17) and Tuesday (7/18), some agencies received a version of Bulletin No. 176 that already contains several of the additions and corrections noted below. Please contact Theresa or Mary Ellen at the phone numbers noted below with questions.
Corrections Page 1: Revised salary charts for the affected bargaining units and M/C employees were attached to Bulletin No. 176. The reference on page 1 (under "October 1, 1999 General Salary Increase"), to salary charts being provided under separate cover is inaccurate and should be ignored.

Page 6: The listing of earnings codes that will be adjusted automatically, and their respective retroactive earnings codes, is attached to this bulletin.

Page 7: Examples of the methodology for calculating new salaries and retroactive adjustments as a result of the October 1999 and April 2000 raises were attached to Bulletin No. 176. The reference on page 7 (under "Example: Calculation of Increases and Retroactive Adjustment"), to examples being provided under separate cover is inaccurate and should be ignored.

Page 7: The following information should be added to the bullet entitled "Mass Additional Pay Report (NHRP703):"

There will be two generations of the NHRP703 Mass Additional Pay Report in Reveal. One generation will include all lump sum payments paid under terms of the contract. The other generation will include all other additional payment earnings codes. Users should open two generations of the NHRP703 report to review both lump sum payments and other additional payments.

Page 14: In Part 2 of the "Method for Calculating the Retroactive Adjustments," the row in the table labeled "Multiplied by Leap Year Bi-weekly Factor" should read "Multiplied by Bi-weekly Factor." The factor .038356 is the "normal" biweekly salary factor, not the leap-year factor. The amounts in the example are accurate.

Page 18: The October, 1999 M/C salary schedule presented on page 18 is out of order. It should have been presented before the April, 2000 salary schedule on page 15.

Page 19: The partial M/C salary schedule on page 19 in incomplete and inaccurate. It should not have been included with the Bulletin. Please discard.

Correctional Superintendentsí Salary Schedules: These schedules were inadvertently omitted from Bulletin No. 176. They are attached for your information and use.

2001 and 2002 Salary Schedules: These schedules were included with the Bulletin for your information only. They are not needed at this time.

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Salary Determination mailbox.