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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: October 6, 2000

Bulletin No. 195 

Subject October 1, 2000 Salary Schedule with Revised 20 Year Longevity Payments for Employees Represented by Council 82
Purpose To inform agencies of OSC’s automatic processing and to provide instructions to agencies for processing changes
Affected Employees Graded employees who meet the eligibility criteria in the Security Supervisors Unit, Bargaining Unit 61
Effective Dates Administration paychecks dated October 25, 2000
Institution paychecks dated November 2, 2000


Chapter 73 of the Laws of 2000, which implements the agreement between the State and Council 82, reflects an increase in the 20 year longevity payment, effective October 1, 2000, payable September 28, 2000 (Administration) and October 5, 2000 (Institution).
Eligibility Criteria Graded employees who have received the 20 year longevity payment will have their current salary increased by $1,000, but not to exceed the 20 year longevity step on October 1, 2000 salary schedule. (See attachment).
OSC Actions After payroll processing for pay period 14 is complete, OSC will automatically insert a row in the Job Data panel to reflect the 20 year longevity increase to eligible employees in Bargaining Unit 61.

OSC will insert a row using the action of PAY (Pay Rate Change) and the Reason Code of CSL (Cor Sal) with the effective date of September 28, 2000 (Administration) and October 5, 2000 (Institution).

Reveal Reports The following Reveal report will be available for agency review the week of October 16, 2000 for Administration and the week of October 23, 2000 for Institution payrolls. All reports will be sorted by agency code and then by employee name in alphabetical order.

Mass Salary Payment Report (NHRP704)

This report will identify all employees who received the automatic salary increases. The report will identify the employee’s increased salary along with Emplid, Employee Record #, Employee Name, Grade, Barg Unit, Pay Basis Code, Part-Time Percentage, Action Reason and Increment Code.

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Salary Determination mailbox.