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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: October 6, 2000

Bulletin No. 196 

Subject October 2000 Performance Advances for Employees Represented by CSEA, DC-37 and PEF
Purpose To explain OSC’s automatic processing and provide instructions for payments not processed automatically.
Affected Employees CSEA employees in the Administrative (02), Operational (03), Institutional (04), Division of Military and Naval Affairs (47), Rent Regulation Services (67) and PS&T (05) Bargaining Units.
Effective Dates 9/28/2000 for Administration pay period 14L, checks dated 10/25/2000.

10/05/2000 for Institution pay period 14L, checks dated 11/02/2000.



Agreements between the State and CSEA, DC-37 and PEF provide for the payment of performance advances to employees who serve at least one year, but not more than one and one-half years, before a performance advance is paid.


Performance advances are payable to employees in the bargaining units noted above whose base annual salary is below the job rate for their current position, who complete one year of service in such position by September 30, 2000, and who were rated "Satisfactory" or its equivalent on their last annual evaluation date.

OSC Automatic Actions: Period 14L


OSC will automatically apply the performance advance, from the appropriate April 1, 2000 CSEA, DC-37 or PS&T Salary Schedule, based on the four digit increment code in the employee’s record (new increment code chart attached). The Action/Reason code will be either Pay Rt Chg/Perf Adv (PAV), for employees with an increment code of 1001, or Pay Rt Chg/Prom Recal (PRM), for employees with an increment code of 1004 and an effective date of 9/28/2000 (Administration) and (10/5/2000) Institution.

The performance advance row will be inserted in the employee’s record after OSC has approved all Job Requests submitted for period 14L.

NS employees who are equated to a grade will not receive automatic performance advances.

Reveal Reports The following Reveal reports will be available for agency review the week of October 16, for Administration and October 23 for Institution payrolls. All reports will be sorted by agency code and then by employee name, in alphabetical order.

Mass Increment Payment Report (NHRP704) -

This Report will identify all employees who received the automatic increment payments. The report will show the employee’s increased salary. Other fields on the report include Emplid, Employee Record #, Employee Name, Grade, Barg Unit, Pay Basis Code, Part time Percentage, Action Reason and Increment Code.

Mass Increment Payment Exception Report (NHRP708) -

This report will identify employees who did not receive an automatic performance advance. Fields on the report include Emplid, Employee Record #, Employee Name, Grade, Barg Unit, Pay Basis Code, Part time Percentage and FTA Salary. The report will identify the reason the performance advance was not applied by producing one of the following messages:

                    - FIS Missing
                    - FIS Below Current
                    - Increment Code Missing
                    - Increment Not Applied
                    - Salary Below Minimum
                    - Position and Job do not match

Agency Instructions: Pay Period 14L A request must be made on the Job Action Request panel using Action/Reason code of Pay Rt Chg/Perf Adv (PAV) for NS employees who are equated to grades and due an increment effective 9/28/00 (Administration) or 10/5/00 (Institution).
Agency Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Salary Determination mailbox.