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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: October 31, 2000

 Bulletin No. 200 

Subject 2001 SEFA Campaign
Purpose To provide instructions for processing payroll deductions for Federated Community Campaigns (SEFA) for the 2001 calendar year.
Affected Employees All employees
Effective Date 1.Agencies should review the authorization card and verify the completeness, accuracy and legibility of Federated Fund Code, Amount of Deduction, Employee’s Agency Code, Line Number, Social Security Number and Name.

2. The pre-printed Federated Code which appears at the top right of the form should be used as the deduction code. Cards which have been modified should be returned to the employee so they can complete a new card or authorize the deduction for the Federated Fund organization identified by the pre-printed code.

3. The Amount of Deduction should be the amount to be deducted from each paycheck in the calendar year, not the total amount of the pledge.

4. The employee’s social security number should be entered for the employee id.

5. The employee’s signature is required to authorize the payroll deduction.
Agency Processing Instructions


Agencies are required to enter the annual Federated Fund (SEFA) transactions into PaySR on the Gen Deduction Data (Agency) panel, using the following instructions:

1.After logging into PaySR, access the Gen Deduction Data (Agency) panel by Go - Compensate Employees - Maintain Payroll Data U.S. - Use - Gen Deduction Data (Agency) - Update/Display All.

2.Enter the Social Security No. from the authorization card in the Empl ID field of the Dialog Box and click OK.

3.The employee’s ID (ID), employee record number (Empl Rcd#), and Name appear highlighted on the List box. Click Select.

4.Determine if the employee already has a deduction record for the specific Federated Fund No. on the authorization card by scrolling through the deduction codes using the outside scroll bar.

If a record with the same Federated Fund (SEFA) deduction code already exists, click on the top of the inner scroll bar, insert a row and continue with step 6.

If there is not an existing row for this Federated Fund (SEFA) deduction code, click on the outer scroll bar, insert a row and continue with step 5.

5.Deduction Code - select the correct deduction code for the Federated Fund (SEFA) on the authorization card from the drop down box.

6.Effective Date - enter the effective date for the deduction to begin as follows:
Administration (Lag): 12/07/2000
Institution (Lag): 12/14/2000
Administration (Current): 12/21/2000
Institution (Current): 12/28/2000

7.Deduction Calculation Routine - select Flat Amount from the drop down box.

8.Deduction End Date - enter the deduction end date as follows:

Administration (Lag): 12/05/2001
Institution (Lag): 12/12/2001
Administration (Current): 12/19/2001
Institution (Current): 12/26/2001

9.Flat/Addl Amount - enter the amount to be deducted from each biweekly paycheck.

10.Click the Save button on the toolbar.

Changes New employees or employees who wish to start or change a Federated Fund (SEFA) deduction may do so by completing a new authorization card. A payroll general deduction transaction should then be processed to start or change the deduction.
Transfers OSC automatically continues Federated Fund (SEFA) deductions upon transfer from one agency to another. It is only necessary to obtain a new authorization card if the employee wants to contribute to a different Federated Fund (SEFA) Organization in the new agency.
Cancellations To cancel the Federated Fund (SEFA) deduction the Payroll Office must enter a Deduction End Date. Cancellation Notices must be retained by the agency.
For More Information Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.
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