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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: November 2, 2000

Bulletin No. 202 

Subject One Time Adjustment for PEF Dues/Agency Shop
Purpose To explain an additional dues/agency shop deduction
Affected Employees Bargaining Unit 05 employees represented by the Public Employees Federation (PEF) who:

Received an annual salary less than $75,000 prior to the retroactive salary increase


Received a retroactive salary increase on the September 13, 2000 (Administration) or September 21, 2000 (Institution) paycheck and paid a PEF dues or agency shop amount of $24.62 (the current biweekly maximum) or $29.09 (maximum for pay basis code 21P)


Are active or on paid leave when this dues adjustment is processed

Effective Date Checks dated November 8, 2000 for employees paid on the Administration cycle and 
November 16, 2000 for Institution cycle employees.
OSC Actions


When the PEF salary increases were processed, the biweekly dues maximum of $24.62 and $29.09 should not have been in effect. To compensate, a one time retroactive dues adjustment to recalculate the dues/agency shop for the September 13th and September 21st paychecks is being processed.

OSC will calculate an adjustment on all earnings subject to dues/agency shop.

OSC will subtract the amount paid in PEF dues on the September 13, 2000 or the September 21, 2000 from the adjusted amount to arrive at a "one time additional dues amount". This amount will be reflected in the "regular dues deduction code" for the period. A separate deduction code was not created for this one time adjustment.

Example: On the September check, an employee (pay basis code ANN) received a gross check of $4,756.01. The employee received regular earnings of $2,402.12, retro holiday pay of $10.07, retro OT of $108.22 and retro earnings of $2,235.60.

The employee previously paid PEF dues of $24.62. OSC will calculate the salary subject to the PEF dues adjustment which is the regular earnings ($2,402.12) plus the retro earnings ($2,235.60). Holiday pay and OT are excluded from the calculation of PEF dues/agency shop.

$4,637.72 Gross pay less Holiday pay and OT
x .008      PEF dues rate
$ 37.10
- 24.62
$ 12.48    (one time PEF dues adjustment)

In the November check OSC will add the $12.48 to the "regular" dues calculation for the period.

A listing identifying affected employees will be sent to the agencies. The list will include the "one time additional dues deduction" for the current check.

Agency Actions Notify affected employees of this adjustment.

The PEF deduction codes are:

233 PEF dues 247 PEF (agency shop)
245 PEF 21P dues 250 PEF 21P (agency shop)

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.