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Subject: Descisions Regarding:
1. Group 1 & Group 2 Interfaces
2. Retention of Item Numbers in PaySR 7/7/97
Bulletin No. 1
Date: 7/7/97
PaySR will conduct a meeting on Thursday, July 10, 9-10 a.m. in Meeting Room 5 at the Empire State Plaza for those Agencies that have questions regarding the information in this Bulletin. If you plan to attend, RSVP by Wednesday morning, July 9 to Theresa Flynn at 473-4869 or e-mail

1. Group 1 and Group 2 Interfaces


At the May Agency meetings, PaySR previewed the options under consideration for entering data into PaySR for Group 1, 2 and 3 transactions. This Bulletin will address how PaySR will accept data for these transactions.


  • The Group 1 and 2 transactions are those used to hire an employee or change an employee's status, such as appointments, leaves or removals. These represent about 15% of all payroll system transactions statewide.
  • Group 3 transactions are those related to employee payments, such as overtime, adjustments, or one-time payments. These represent about 85% of all payroll system transactions.

PaySR announced at the May meetings that for Group 3 transactions:

  • On-line entry into PaySR will be available to all Agencies.
  • For Agencies with automated personnel and payroll systems that prefer to send data to OSC electronically, an interface will be available.
  • PaySR will provide Agencies with file format by September 1997.
  • All date fields provided to PaySR must contain a 4-digit year.
  • Agencies must develop and test their code by January 1998.


For Group 1 and 2 transactions, PaySR considered several methods for capturing this data.

The following three methods remain viable options for Agencies:

  • On-line entry into PaySR - For those Agencies without their own automated systems that directly enter Group 3 transactions into PaySR, this will be the method of entry for Group 1 and 2 transactions.
  • The "Boomerang" method - Agencies could enter data directly into PaySR and then PaySR would return the data via a flat file for the Agency's payroll system.
  • Data Capture by OSC - For Agencies with automated systems that would prefer an electronic interface, PaySR will accept a file transfer and provide data capture into PaySR by OSC staff.

Criteria for Data Capture by OSC

The availability of this option responds to Agencies' concern regarding the work load to enter Group 1 and 2 transactions. PaySR has established the following criteria for using this option:

Eligibility - Only those Agencies that currently have their own in-house automated personnel/payroll systems will be eligible to use this option. Those Agencies that do not have automated payroll systems will enter data directly on-line into PaySR.

Deadlines - To allow for PaySR processing of the Group 1 and 2 data, Agencies will be required to submit their files for these transactions earlier in the payroll cycle than data is currently submitted. The schedule for submissions will be determined shortly.

Last Minute Changes - If Agencies wish to submit additional Group 1 and 2 transactions beyond this deadline, they must enter them directly on-line in PaySR.

Staff Availability - Agencies must have staff available to respond to OSC questions on the data submitted during specified time periods.

The following two options for Group 1 and Group 2 transactions have been explored and determined not to be feasible at this time.

  • Full batch interface - This option is not doable within PaySR's current time line due to the extent and complexity of data that must be captured.
  • Screen Scraper - PaySR tested several software products that would serve to "capture, cut and paste" data from an Agency system to PaySR. None succeeded.

Next Step for PaySR

1. Finalize design of group 1, 2, and 3 interface files. Get layout to Agencies by Sept. 1997.

Next Steps for Agencies with Automated Payroll Systems:

1. Consider the volume and timing cycle of your Agency's Group 1 and Group 2 transactions (particularly last minute transactions) and decide among the three options available for providing this data to PaySR. Please notify your PaySR Representative of your decision by August 1, 1997.

2. Based on the primary option selected for Group 1 and 2 transactions and the continued need to enter deductions on-line in PaySR, determine the need for and location of PaySR workstations in your Agency for both data capturing and querying.

3. If using the Data Capture by OSC Option, include the development and testing of code by January 1998 in your implementation work plan.

2. Retention of 5-Digit Line Item Numbers in PaySR

In response to feedback from Agencies, PaySR is building a "crosswalk" to enable Agencies to retain the use of line item numbers in addition to position numbers. The line item number field will be added to the position data panel. It will also be added as an alternate search key, enabling users to enter a line item number as an on-line search criteria. PaySR's conversion process will populate each position's line item number.