Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: 1) IP Addresses
2) Establishing Static Routes With PaySR
3) IPX/IP Gateway
Bulletin No. 10
Date: 4/9/98


This Bulletin provides information to agencies using the Albany Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) or Frame Relay (using Empire-Net) for PaySR to assist them in completing their PaySR network connection. This Bulletin is being mailed to Agency Liaisons. Please forward this Bulletin to the appropriate person in your agency handling PaySR network connections.

1) IP Addresses

It is recommended that agencies using the Albany Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) or Frame Relay service (using Empire-Net) for PaySR obtain an IP network address. This IP address recommendation applies to Frame Relay users because their network connection to PaySR will be through the MAN.

This IP address must be obtained from either the INTERNIC or NYS Office For Technology (NYT). An INTERNIC address is a public IP address and is valid for use across the Internet. For information on INTERNIC see their web site at The NYT address is a private IP address and is used on the State Intranet only. The NYT address cannot be used on the Internet (outside of the State's Intranet) without the use of NAT (Network Address Translation). If agencies have an IP address from sources other than INTERNIC or NYT they will be required to operate and manage their own network address translation tables.

To obtain an NYT address, contact Cliff Hall of The Office For Technology (OFT) at 473-5622 or email An application for a registered NYT address can be obtained from OFT's web site ( If you currently have an INTERNIC address obtained from INTERNIC, please provide this address to Cliff Hall for their records.

A reminder for MAN connected agencies only: a Bridge Group 3 connection is required for PaySR (and NYSTEP). Contact John Rotondaro at OGS for this at 474-3507.

2) Establishing Static Routes

After an agency's MAN or Frame Relay network connection is completed by OGS, the next step in completing your PaySR network connection is to establish a static route between your agency router and OSC's router. This process should be completed approximately four weeks before your agency's computer-based training begins. This will allow time for agencies to test their network connection from each of their PaySR workstations.

To establish static routes between your agency and OSC, the technical contact (or designee) of agencies should provide the following information toTom Luther at PaySR according to the schedule below:

Conversion Group 1 by April 22, 1998

Conversion Group 2 by June 22, 1998

Conversion Group 3 by August 17, 1998

a. Agency IP address of the MAN connection

b. IP addresses of the Workstations to be used by PaySR.

For agencies which use Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) to periodically change the IP address of workstations, OSC will accept a network address. However, IP addresses of individual workstations are preferred. The addresses of web servers, FTP servers, SMTP gateways and other publically addressable stations should not be included among the addresses.

c. The name, phone number and e-mail address of a technical staff person at your agency for OSC to contact to create the static route.

A technical representative from OSC will contact the agency to create a static route to the network, subnet mask of, via After the static route has been defined and established, OSC will contact the agency to test the PaySR application and FTP connections.

3) IPX to TCP/IP Gateway Users

Agencies using the MAN or Frame Relay for PaySR who plan to use an IPX to TCP/IP gateway product to access the PaySR network will need to advise OSC of the gateway product name and version number, the TCP/IP address of the gateway server, and the number of client PCs that will be using the gateway to access payroll applications. In addition, indicate whether your IPX/IP gateway product will support both TCP and UDP. Examples of IPX/IP gateway products are Quarterdeck's IWARE, FTP's NOVIX, and IntranetWare's IPX to IP gateway. Please send this information to Tom Luther via e-mail or phone at (518) 474-0390, following the schedule listed above.

If you have questions about this bulletin please contact Tom Luther at 518-474-0390 or e-mail