Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: IDs For Computer-Based Training For Conversion Group 1 Bulletin No.11
Date: 5/6/98

This bulletin describes the process for obtaining user IDs and passwords for agencies in Conversion Group 1 to access PaySR Computer-Based Training.

If you are in Conversion Group 1, please forward in writing to Theresa Flynn via e-mail or fax 473-5073 by May 15, a complete list of all PaySR users at your agency. The list should include your agency code and agency name, as well as each user's name, work address and work phone number. In return, PaySR will provide for each user an ID and password that will allow them to access the PaySR Computer-Based Training either at their workstation or at your agency lab.

In a future bulletin, we will provide you with the list of security options for accessing PaySR and instructions for requesting access to PaySR in July.

Agencies in Conversion Groups 2 and 3 will receive instructions for obtaining user IDs and passwords to access Computer-Based Training at a later date.

If you have any questions about this bulletin, please contact your PaySR Representative.