Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: PaySR Workstation/Network Testing Procedures Bulletin No.12
Date: 5/14/98

NOTE: This bulletin is being sent to all agencies but applies only to Agencies in Conversion Group 1 at this time. Agencies in Conversion Groups 2 and 3 can follow these testing procedures when their network connections are complete.

This bulletin provides information and procedures for testing your PaySR workstations and network. For Agencies in Conversion Group 1, this testing must be completed by May 22 to verify your PaySR connections in preparation for Computer-Based Training (CBT) which will begin on June 1. Please forward this information to the person in your agency who will be responsible for testing the system.


By this time, your agency should have installed your PaySR workstations, received and installed the Citrix Client on your PaySR workstations, and completed your network connection. If the above steps are not yet complete, please contact your PaySR Representative to discuss your status. This test will verify that you can reach the PaySR system. User ID and passwords for access to the CBT will be provided to your users by June 1.

We recommend that one individual at each facility perform the following test from each of your PaySR workstations in order to better manage the testing and verification process.


: Each PaySR workstation must have the Citrix Client properly installed including a unique Client Name (as shown in the Citrix instructions). Each workstation must be connected to the network connection for PaySR.

Network: Your PaySR network connection must be complete. For MAN and Frame Relay connections, this means that static routing must be complete between your agency and OSC.

Dial-up users: Complete the Win95 Dial-up networking (DUN) installation shown in page 4-5 of the Citrix Winframe client installation instructions. Dial-up users should begin with Step 4 below.

Testing Procedures:

For agencies using the MAN or Frame Relay, your agency will need to allow this ping test through your agency firewall to complete steps 1 and 2.

Step 1: From at least one PaySR workstation, ping your agency's MAN IP address. To perform the ping test, it is recommended you do this from a DOS prompt. Then type, Ping SP [your agency MAN IP address].

Step 2: From at least one PaySR workstation ping OSC's MAN IP address,

Step 3: From at least one PaySR workstation ping the PaySR domain controller (Server). The address of the primary controller is The address of the secondary controller is

Once the ping tests are complete, skip to Step 5.

Step 4: Dial-up Users Only - To establish a dial-up connection, select Start, Programs, Accessories, Dial-up Networking. Double-click on the "PaySR1" connection icon. The user name to enter is where xxxxx is the 5 digit numeric agency code for your agency. Type "newuser", without quotes, as your password. The Albany area phone number to dial (type in) is (518) 436-0737. Contact the OSC Technical Help Desk [(518)486-6745] for other phone numbers.

Once the dial-up networking connection is established, go to Step 5.
Step 5: From each PaySR workstation click on the icon "Payroll.ICA" on the Windows desktop to display the Novell IntranetWare Client Login dialog box (see below).

Step 6: Click the Name field and delete the current text (

Step 7: Type your agency network test ID [P(your 5 digit agency code) code. For example, if your agency code is 01010, you would type P01010Z9.01010 in the name field. This will be the ID for all workstations for testing purposes.

Step 8: Press Tab or click the Password field. Type "newuser" without quotes as your password.

Step 9: Click OK.

Step 10: You will now see a screen that displays Login Results. You have correctly connected to PaySR. This message has been sent to your printer as a connection log file. Please retrieve this log file from your printer and fax all the connection log files which you receive from your agency workstation tests to the number indicated with one cover sheet.

If you experience any problems in performing these tests, please contact the OSC Technical Help Desk at 486-6745.