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Subject: Schedule for Providing Agencies
Position Numbers and Position Pool IDs
Bulletin No. 16
Date: 7/7/97


This Bulletin provides all agencies with OSC's schedule for providing reports or files for the tentative and final conversions to Position Numbers and Position Pool IDs. This Bulletin is being sent to Agency Liaisons and Payroll Officers.


PaySR will convert each filled or vacant Line Item Number to a position number. In addition, each Header will be converted to a Position Pool ID, which is a three-byte field.

OSC will make available to agencies reports or files which crosswalk the Line Numbers to Position Numbers and the Headers to Position Pool ID's. There will be two sets: one tentative and the second the final Position Numbers and Position Pool ID's that will be used in PaySR.


For each conversion group, only the agencies scheduled for conversion will have position number and position pools created. The tentative Position Numbers and Position Pool IDs will be created on the dates indicated below, using data from the identified payroll period.


Conversion Group Date Available for Agencies Pay Period Used
Group 1 - July June 22 Administration 5L/6C
Group 2 - September September 3 Institution 11L/12C
Group 3 - November November 5 Administration 15L/16C

It is important to note that if an agency creates any new Headers or adds any New Line Numbers in the Legacy payroll system after the above pay periods are processed, the final Position Numbers and Position Pool ID's could be different than those provided in the tentative list.

The Final Position Numbers and Position Pool IDs that will be used in PaySR will be provided on the following schedule:


Conversion Group Date Available for Agencies Pay Period Used
Group 1 - July July 6 Administration 6L/7C
Group 2 - September September 14 Institution 12L/13C
Group 3 - November November 16 Administration 16L/17C

Files/ Reports

OSC will provide agencies with the following information for both the tentative and final Position Numbers and Pool IDs: Agency, Line, Position Number and Pool ID.

Agencies that currently receive information from PaySR via TCP/IP FTP, will be able to get the Position and Pool ID information from the outbound directory under the file name PAYSR.POSITION.POOL. Agencies that will receive information from PaySR by tape/cartridge or Netview FTP, will only receive this information by tape/cartridge. The file format is below. All other agencies will be provided with a hard copy report.

Tapes/cartridges, files or hard copy reports will be available on the afternoon of the date indicated. Please make the necessary arrangements if your information is to be picked up.

Main Offices that normally receive payroll information for their agency and other agencies will receive all the Position and Pool information for those agencies.

Position and Pool File Format

AGENCY CODE 1 - 5 9 (5)

LINE NUMBER 6 - 10 9(5)

POSITION NUMBER 11 - 18 9 (8)

POOL ID 19 - 21 XXX

FILLER 22 - 30 X(9)




On the External Label it will indicate PAYSR.POSITION.POOL

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