Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: File Submission and Naming
First Conversion Week Schedule
Bulletin No.18
Date: 6/11/98

This Bulletin provides information related to file submission and file naming. It also outlines the first conversion week schedule. This Bulletin is being sent to Payroll Officers, Agency Liaisons, and Agency Technical Contacts.

File Submission

  • Miscellaneous File - Agencies submitting Miscellaneous Payment Transaction files may submit only one file per pay period -- not daily. This file is due on the submission dates shown in Bulletin No. 15. Transactions may also be entered directly into PaySR online through the submission date.

  • Payroll Data Transaction Files (Data Capture) may be sent daily (one file per day) until the Data Capture File Submission Date. Transactions that are required for payroll after the payroll data file deadline has passed should be entered directly into PaySR online by the payroll submission date.

  • OSC will provide the Processed Transaction Files (Outbound) to agencies daily.

File Naming

Beginning with files submitted for the check date of 7/22/98, production files for PaySR must be named according to the following convention:

Files Sent to PaySR

  • Payroll Data Transaction File - paysrp.nhrp716.AC<agency code>.input
  • Miscellaneous Payments File - paysrp.npay502.AC<agency code>.input

Files Received from PaySR

  • Processed Transaction File - paysrp.nhrp520.AC<agency code>.dat
  • Master File -

    Administrative - paysrp.nhrp501.A.AC<agency code>.dat
    Institutional - paysrp.nhrp501.I.AC<agency code>.dat
    Agencies that receive the entire Master File (This includes Division of Budget, Department of Civil Service, Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance and the Assembly Ways and Means Committee) - paysrp.nhrp501.I.AC<agency code>.dat

First Conversion Week Schedule

June 30, 1998 - Last day agencies in Conversion Group 1 will have access to the legacy payroll system.
July 1-7, 1998 - Payroll data for Conversion Group 1 agencies is converted from the legacy system to PaySR.
July 6, 1998 - Payroll Data Transaction Files (Data Capture) due to OSC for Checks dated 7/22/98.
July 8, 1998 - First day of access to PaySR for Conversion Group 1 agencies.
July 10, 1998 - Deadline for online transactions and Miscellaneous Payment Files for Checks dated 7/22/98.

Upcoming Bulletins

Bulletins on the following topics will be issued in the next month:

  • PaySR New Business Processes (more than one bulletin)
  • Conversion
  • Payroll History
  • Conversion Group 2 Training Schedule
  • PaySR Reports
  • Paychecks and Stubs
  • Payroll Certification (PR 76 Process)

Questions on this Bulletin?

  • Payroll Officers should contact their Agency Liaison.
  • Agency Liaisons should contact their PaySR Representatives.
  • Technical Contacts with questions on File Naming should contact Tom Luther at, (518) 474-0390.