Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: Interface File Layouts for Agencies with   Automated Payroll/HRMS Systems   
Bulletin No.2
Date: 8/30/97

This Bulletin describes the required file layouts for Agencies who wish to create transaction files for input into PaySR, and the file layout for the daily processed transaction file which OSC will provide to agencies.

We have been working with the Department of Civil Service, and agree that the goal is to have one file layout that will accommodate the needs of both DCS and OSC. The Payroll Data Transaction file described below outlines the data required primarily for OSC processing, or data which is included on the PR-75 today. DCS will provide you with the required formats for data that they will require on this file. A block of filler has been reserved for their use.


    Agencies who elect to provide data electronically to OSC must create records as described below and in the format shown in the attached file layouts.

Payroll Data Transaction File (Attachment A and Attachment G)

    This file format will be used by Agencies to transmit data for Data Change, Hire, Leave of Absence, Long Term Disability, Paid Leave of Absence, Position Change, Rehire, Retirement, Return from Disability, and Return from Leave, ( Group 1 and 2 type Transactions in the current Payroll System). In addition, Pay Rate Change transactions, (COR SAL, COR FY SAL, PERF ADV, SAL INCR, SAL DECR, INCR HR, CHG RATE, LONG PAY, LONGEVITY INCR, PROM RECAL, UNSAT PERF) which are Group 3 transactions in the current system, will now be included in this file format, and will not be included with the Miscellaneous Payment Transactions described below.

    Attachment A shows the format required for each record code (transaction type), and Attachment G shows the full file format.

    OSC will print the file from the agency and provide data capture into PaySR by OSC staff. OSC will attempt to correct any errors by contacting agency staff. If the error cannot be resolved, it will be noted on the input sheet and sent back to the Agency for correction. Detailed procedures for this process will be included in a future bulletin.

    A definition of the individual fields included in this file format are shown in the attached Data Dictionary (Attachment B). A preliminary list of Action/Reason codes (known as transaction codes in the current system) (Attachment C), and a listing of Benefit Flags (Attachment D) is also included.

Miscellaneous Payment Transaction File (Attachment E)

    This file format will be used to transmit data for miscellaneous payment transactions such as overtime, holiday pay, etc. A complete list of these transaction types is shown in the list of Earnings Codes (Attachment F).

    Agencies will submit Miscellaneous Payment transaction files to OSC daily, or as needed, and OSC will process the files through an interface program directly into PaySR.

    Transactions for Salary changes, (i.e. Salary Increases and Salary Decreases currently reported with Group 3 transactions) will not be accepted in this file, but must be submitted either online or in the format shown above for Payroll Data Transactions.

Processed Transaction File (Attachment A and Attachment G)
    Nightly, OSC will run a job to select transactions processed for that day and create a file for return to the Agency. This file will include data entered by OSC and data entered directly online by the Agency. This file will not reflect employee payment information.

Agency Master File
    This file layout is being finalized and will include data shown on the current Payroll System Agency Master File as well as additional information which is new in PaySR. The file format will be distributed to agencies by the end of October.


  • Agencies will provide OSC with test files by February 15, 1998

  • Agencies may submit transaction files daily or less frequently as needed.

  • Separate files must be created for Payroll Data Transactions and Miscellaneous Payment Transactions       

  • Additional specifications such as header, footer, naming conventions, methods of transmitting the files etc. will be communicated in a future bulletin.        


    A. Payroll Data Transaction File Input/Output by Record Code
    B. Data Dictionary
    C. Action/Reason Codes
    D. Benefit Flags
    E. Miscellaneous Payment Transaction File
    F. Earnings Codes
    G. Payroll Data Transaction File Input/Output - Full File Format