Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: PaySr Business Procedures Bulletin No.22
Date: 6/22/98

This bulletin provides information regarding payroll procedures under PaySR. The information is contained in three attachments:

  • Attachment A - PaySR Business Procedures
  • Attachment B - Deduction Codes
  • Attachment C - Retirement Benefit Plan Option Codes

The procedures describe additional background information and exception procedures not covered in the PaySR training or Online Help.

Attachment A: PaySR Business Procedures
Not all PaySR processes are covered in this document. This is not a procedure manual, but rather a guide to some important exceptions. For further training or information regarding PaySR procedures, refer to the training or the online help.

The procedures are grouped by the same topics as the Computer-Based Training. A table of contents has been included to help you find topics.

Additional bulletins will be issued for information relevant only to agencies in Conversion Groups 2 and 3.

Attachment B: Deduction Codes
Attachment B contains a list of the deduction codes.

Attachment C: Retirement Benefit Plan Option Codes
Attachment C lists the Retirement Plan Type, Benefit Plan, and Option Codes.

Questions on this Bulletin?

  • Payroll Officers should contact their Agency Liaison.
  • Agency Liaisons should contact their PaySR Representatives.

Future Bulletins
Bulletins on the following topics will be issued:

  • Payroll History
  • Paychecks and Stubs
  • Payroll Certification Process


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Attachment A
Attachment C