Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: PaySR Conversion Impact Update Bulletin No.34
Date: 8/26/98

This bulletin updates the information provided earlier in Bulletin No. 23 regarding the conversion from the legacy system to PaySR. The updated information is contained in the attachment entitled PaySR Conversion Impact Information.

PaySR Conversion Impact Information Document

This document has been provided to aid Agencies in understanding data conversion decisions and mappings from the legacy payroll system to PaySR. Readers will gain an understanding of what information will be converted from the legacy system and how it maps to the new PaySR system. This document does not represent all of the conversion decisions; however, it does contain some of the most visible and the most highly used fields in payroll processing.

Also contained in this document are assumptions that were made in the conversion planning process, including field values and field default decisions. In addition, there are details regarding some actions that the conversion process will perform to allow information from the current system to smoothly map to the new PaySR Payroll System.

Particular attention should be paid to changes or additions regarding:

  • Pay Basis Codes - page 3
  • Additional Pay Panel - page 4
  • Contract Pay - page 7
  • Conversion of Position Attributes - page 10

Questions on this Bulletin?

  • Payroll Officers should contact their Agency Liaison.
  • Agency Liaisons should contact their PaySR Representative.