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Subject: IDs For Conversion Group 3 Bulletin No. 36
Date: 9/4/98


This bulletin describes the process for obtaining user IDs and passwords for agencies in Conversion Group 3 to access PaySR Computer-Based Training. This bulletin is being sent to all Payroll Officers and Agency Liaisons.

If you are in Conversion Group 3, please forward in writing to Theresa Flynn via e-mail or fax (518) 473-5073 by September 16, a complete list of all PaySR users at your agency. The list should include your agency code and agency name, as well as each user=s name and work phone number. In return, PaySR will provide each user an ID and password that will allow them to access PaySR Computer-Based Training either at their workstation or at your agency lab. These IDs and passwords will be mailed to your agency's OSC Payroll Security Coordinator.

In a future bulletin, we will provide you with the list of security options for accessing PaySR and instructions for requesting access to PaySR.

Questions on this Bulletin?

  • Payroll Officers should contact their Agency Liaison.
  • Agency Liaisons should contact their PaySR Representative.



Bulletin 36 - IDs For Conversion Group 3

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