Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: 1) Software and Hardware Requirements
2) Connectivity Method and Centralized PC Purchase
3) Service Level Agreements
Bulletin No. 4
Date: 11/26/97


This Bulletin addresses PaySR's workstation hardware and software minimum requirements and network connectivity. Accompanying this Bulletin is a form that addresses the anticipated method of connectivity to PaySR and NYSTEP for your agency, as well as the centralized purchasing of personal computers (PCs).

This Bulletin also explains the process by which OSC and your agency will enter a Service Level Agreement that will document the respective responsibilities of each party and expected service levels.

1) Software and Hardware Requirements

The following hardware and software requirements are necessary to permit access to all PaySR applications including data entry, query and training. For those agencies under the Department of Civil Service jurisdiction, the NYSTEP system has the same workstation requirements and will be accessible from the same PC used for PaySR.

Citrix WinFrame Production Environment - A Citrix WinFrame production environment will be used for accessing PaySR and NYSTEP. Citrix WinFrame is a remote control access software package that will greatly reduce the amount of processing on the agency workstation and reduces Wide Area Network (WAN) or dial-up traffic. The Citrix software client will reside on the agency workstations. Instructions on software installation will be provided.

Minimum Workstation Requirements - The personal computer (PC) or workstation accessing PaySR and NYSTEP will need to run either Windows 3.11, Windows 95 or Windows NT. The amount of memory required in the PC is based upon the Windows version used (see lists below).

Minimum Hardware Requirements for All PCs

  • 486 or Pentium-based microprocessor

  • 25 MB of free disk space minimum; 50 MB recommended

  • VGA or SVGA video adapter (256 color)

  • Network interface card (NIC) or Serial port for use with modem connection

  • Microsoft serial mouse or 100% compatible

PCs running:

  • Windows 3.11 require at least 8MB of memory (RAM)

  • Windows 95 require at least 16MB of memory (RAM)

  • Windows NT require at least 32MB of memory (RAM)

While the Windows 3.11, NT and 95 operating systems will be acceptable platforms as a result of the use of Citrix software, agencies should be aware that multiple Citrix sessions (having PaySR and any other Citrix application open at the same time) cannot be established simultaneously using Windows 3.11. In addition, multiple Citrix sessions will not be possible with dial-up access.

Note that the minimum requirements listed above include only the resources required for access to PaySR and NYSTEP. Other applications or functions, including word processing, printing, etc., on each workstation should also be taken into consideration in determining the actual workstation requirements.

2) Connectivity Method and Centralized PC Purchases by OSC

There are three options that agencies may use to connect to PaySR and NYSTEP. The requirements for each follow:

Dial-Up Access - Each individual workstation gaining access through dial-up will require an 28.8 Kbps internal modem or a serial port and 28.8 Kbps external modem. An agency's modem pool may be used for workstations on a Local Area Network (LAN).

Frame Relay Service - Workstations on a LAN will be connected to a frame relay service using a router. Available line speeds are 56 KB and T1. An agency may provide a WAN router port and a DSU or the service provider can provide a router and/or DSU.

Albany Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) - Agencies must be within the reach of the Albany MAN and gain access through a router in order to use this option.

Agencies will be responsible for dial-up or Wide Area Network (Frame Relay or MAN) initial connectivity costs and ongoing maintenance and monthly charges. Current agency connections to the OSC legacy payroll system must be continued to permit access to history records, and should remain intact pending further notice by OSC.

The individualized form which accompanies this Bulletin identifies the type of network connection currently anticipated for your agency. It also addresses the centralized purchasing of PCs where appropriate.

3) Service Level Agreements

The client server architecture of the new PaySR payroll system depends upon coordinated activities of OSC and all NYS agencies and organizations served by the payroll system. To facilitate a cooperative working relationship, OSC will ask each agency to review and concur with a technical Service Level Agreement (SLA). This document will consist of explicit definitions of the services to be delivered by OSC to your agency and the roles and responsibilities of each party in the delivery of these services. The agreement will cover topics such as:

  • the software to be used and the responsibilities for installation and testing;

  • client hardware and operating system requirements;

  • connectivity options and responsibilities;

  • system performance expectations;

  • Agency and OSC responsibilities and procedures for resolving technical problems, including the role of the OSC Help Desk;

  • system access and security and integration support.

The SLA will also itemize the number of PCs at each agency to be used for PaySR and their locations. Additional information about the Service Level Agreement will be provided in a future bulletin.

This bulletin is being distributed to PaySR liaisons only. Please distribute as appropriate within your agency. Please contact your PaySR Representative if you have any questions regarding this bulletin.