Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: Processing a One-Time Split Bulletin No. 50
Date: 11/4/98

This bulletin provides the window of time for processing a one-time split in PaySR during the remaining compressed submission schedule.

The established windows are:

  • Administration 15L/16C – check date 11/10/98 – Wednesday, November 4 through November 6, 1998, at noon.
  • Institution 16L/17C – check date 11/19/98 – Thursday, November 5 through November 9, 1998, at noon.
  • Administration 16L/17C – check date 11/25/98 – Tuesday, November 17 through November 20, 1998, at noon.

Questions on how to do a One-Time Split?

If information is needed to do a one-time split, refer to the PaySR On-Line Help, Funding Positions (Agency), Process a One-Time Split.