Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: January 1999 Salary Increase for State Officers Bulletin No. 66
Date:     1/7/99
Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 634 of the Laws of 1998, which amends Chapter 169 of the Executive Law, the Director of the Budget has established a new salary schedule for Officers whose salaries are contained in Section 169.

The increased salaries are effective January 7, 1999. A list of the Officers and new salaries is attached.

The increased salaries should be processed by the agencies for checks dated February 3, 1999. Agencies should submit the transactions before the agency cut off date for Period 21 (January 20, 1999).

To increase an eligible employee’s salary, use the Job Action Request Panel, the action code PAY RT CHG and a reason of SIC (Sal Increase). Use the effective date of 01071999.

If an agency submits these transactions after the agency cut off for Period 21L, it is not necessary to submit an adjustment in the Time Entry Panel, as the adjustment will be calculated automatically.

Questions concerning this bulletin should be directed to the Salary Determination Unit at (518) 486-3088.


Annual Salary of $136,000

  Commissioner of Correctional Services
*Commissioner of Education
  Commissioner of Health
  Commissioner of Mental Health
  Commissioner of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
*Chancellor of the State University of New York
  Commissioner of Transportation
  Commissioner of Environmental Conservation
  Commissioner of General Services
  Commissioner of Children and Family Services
  Commissioner of Temporary and Disability Assistance

Annual Salary of $127,000

  Commissioner of Labor
  Chairman of Public Service Commission
  Superintendent of State Police
  Commissioner of Taxation and Finance
  Superintendent of Banks
  Commissioner of Criminal Justice Services
  Superintendent of Insurance
  Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Annual Salary of $120,800

  Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets
  Adjutant General
  Commissioner and President of State Civil Service Commission
  Commissioner of Economic Development
  President of Higher Education Services Corporation
  Commissioner of Motor Vehicles
  Member-Chairman of Board of Parole
  Director of Probation and Correctional Alternatives
  Chairman of Public Employment Relations Board
  Secretary of State
  Chairman of the State Racing and Wagering Board
  Executive Director of Housing Finance Agency
  Commissioner of Housing and Community Renewal
  Executive Director of State Insurance Fund
  Commissioner-chairman of State Liquor Authority
  Chairman of the Workers’ Compensation Board
  Commissioner of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services
  Chairman of the Energy Research and Development Authority
  Executive Director of the Board of Real Property Services

*These Officers Receive Additional Salary Pursuant to Respective Salary Plans Established by the Board of Regents and Board of Trustees.

Annual Salary of $109,800

  Director of the Office for the Aging
  Commissioner of Human Rights
  Executive Director of the State Board of Elections
  Commissioners of the Department of Public Service
  Chairman of State Commission on Quality of Care for the Mentally Disabled
  Chairman of Commission on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Prevention and
  Executive Director of the Council of the Arts
  Executive Director of the Board of the Board of Social Welfare

Annual Salary of $101,600

  Chairman of the State Athletic Commission
  Chairman and Executive Director of the Consumer Protection Board
  Member-chairman of Crime Victims Board
  Chairman of Human Rights Appeal Board
  Chairman of the Industrial Board of Appeals
  Chairman of the Employment Relations Board
  Chairman of the State Commission of Correction
  Members of the Board of Parole
  Members of the State Racing and Wagering Board
  Member-chairman of Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board
  Director of Veterans’ Affairs
  Vice-chairman of the Workers’ Compensation Board

Annual Salary of $90,800

Executive Director of the Adirondack Park Agency
Commissioners of the State Liquor Authority
Commissioners of the State Civil Service Commission
Members of State Commission of Correction
Members of the Employment Relations Board
Members of the Crime Victims Board
Members of Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board
Members of the Workers’ Compensation Board