Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: Report Tax 910agy (W2 Distribution) Bulletin No. 73
Date:    1/29/99
This bulletin has been prepared to help Payroll Offices identify the agency where a W-2 has been delivered for an employee who had multiple active or inactive payroll records at conversion to PaySR. In some cases, W-2's were sent to an agency where the employee is not currently employed.

A new agency report has been made available on REVEAL to help agencies locate a W-2 that has been produced and delivered to a different Payroll Office. The report is accessed by opening the agency report folder in REVEAL and selecting the most recent copy of report tax910agy[W2 Distribution]. After the report has been opened, select SEARCH, FIND, then enter the Social Security Number (include dashes, i.e. 999-99-9999) of the employee who is missing the W-2, then select NEXT to begin search. If a match is found, the report will identify the agency that the W-2 has been delivered to and the mail drop ID used by that agency.