Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: Data Capture Procedures Bulletin No. 80
Date:    3/5/99

This bulletin provides agencies important information on OSC procedures for data capture and transfers from a SUNY campus.

The procedures identified below are intended to help OSC better manage the large volume of data capture transactions and to clarify PaySR and agency responsibilities in dealing with problem transactions. Questions on this information should be directed to Josephine Irving, 402-4190.

  • Agencies must enter all the following information online beginning with payrolls for Institution checks dated 4/8/99 and Administration checks dated 4/14/99:
    tax information and Mail Drop IDs
    Personal Data 1 and 2
    (address, phone, marital status, Full-Time Student or New York Retiree Indicators)
  • Hires/Rehires/Concurrent Hires - In circumstances when an agency uses an Action of Hire when, because of the employee’s current or previous State employment, Rehire or Concurrent Hire would be correct:
    For Inactive employees, PaySR will take responsibility for determining and entering the correct Action Code.
    For Active employees, PaySR will fax the transaction to the agency payroll office to request information to clarify if this is a transfer or a concurrent hire.
  • Position Number - It is the Agency’s responsibility to ensure that a valid position exists in PaySR prior to hiring an employee into that position and that all position attributes are accurate. Problems that have occurred include:
    Non-existing position numbers
    Position Numbers with a Pay Basis Code of "ZZZ" (invalid)
    Incorrect Pay Basis Code or Earnings Program ID
    Each day, PaySR will fax a copy of the data capture transaction print out to the agency payroll office for any problems identified. PaySR will not enter the transactions. If there is time, agencies may enter the transactions online.
  • SUNY campuses using their Human Resource Management System have chosen to terminate and then rehire employees who are transferring to other campuses/agencies. Other agencies should be aware of this in case an employee transfers in from a SUNY campus. The following procedures should be followed:
    The terminating campus will zero-out any Additional Payments with an effective date of the first day off payroll at that campus.
    The hiring campus/agency will need to use the Action Rehire, and start any appropriate Additional Payments.
    The hiring campus/agency will also need to review all deductions on the General Deductions panel and cancel those that are not appropriate and begin those newly required, paying special attention to union dues and agency shop.